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It is debatable whether if the Uganda Martyrs had not been killed in 1886, this school would have been founded. But what is not disputable is the fact that the martyrdom guided the founders, 81 years later, on the name Uganda Martyrs' S.S Namugongo. With Fifty years down the road (Golden Jubilee), and growing stronger; the inspiration of the martyrs had been indelible so much that they are extolled in the School Anthem and are implored daily to intercede for and bestow blessings on the school community. The school was founded by Late Msgr. Lawrence Mbwega, the parish priest then, who wrote a book in which he stated that three people should never be forgotten when naming founders of Uganda Martyrs' S.S Namugongo: Jeremiah Munyigwa(deceased), Hellen Namazzi and Joseph Mugerwa. The trio rallied the parents of Namugongo Catholic Parish and in 1967 they started a humble project.
    Msgr. Mbwega's role was equally pivotal and together with Fr.Semwogerere guided and supported the infant institution. Joseph Nkalubo, Late Joseph Nyungwe, The Late Cosmas Lwanga, Matayo Kamya, Paul Ssemtamu, Elia Lwandasa, Leo Kibuuka, Bruno Serunkuuma and Cosmas Lwanga were also supportive in founding and budding years. On September 3 ,1967 a founders' meeting raised Ug. Shs 2,570 as start up Capital. Mbwega explains that the protectorate government did not want the multiplication of secondary Schools. Starting a secondary School was an opposition on part of the government.
          "When we applied for a junior school, we were told we had to send the students to either St.Peter's Nsambya or St.Joseph's Naggalama, the only Catholic schools for the Mary Hill Fathers at the time. The children had to walk to Nsambya which was very difficult particularly for the girls. Hence the parents decided to start their own, Namugongo,"Mbwega recalls. It hence started as a community project. Mugerwa, in his nineties, attributes the driving force behind the founding of the school to Mbegwa, God-given gift of love for Children and being among them.
          The School opened on January 15,1968 with 27 students and four teachers.Others were part timers from Nabisunsa Girls School and Kyambogo College School. Charles Martins was the pioneer Headmaster. Mugerwa narrates that while the target was to enroll children in the first years were from distant places."The residents were not so keen about enrolling their children at Namugongo.In the the first years the school was as local as were its students.Obwana bwali local-local !!!," he explained.

 Uganda Martyrs S.S Namugongo extends its touch to the little ones

Uganda Martyrs S.S Namugongo has started up a Day Care and Nursery School for the Namugongo Parish in an exchange program for farm land just above the Namugongo Football pitch to enable Agriculture students conduct hands on Lessons. The Day care and Nursery School is under the stewardship of Uganda Martyrs S.S Namugongo; with a mission of providing an early childhood care by taking advantage of the teachable moments that happen everyday, through fostering the intellectual, creative, cognitive & physical growth in a safe and holistic christian environment; Registration for the 2017 in-take at Uganda Martyrs Day Care and Nursery School is under way, Monday - Friday; 8am - 5pm.

 Uganda Martyrs Old Students Monument For the 50 th Anniversary

As the days draw close to the Golden Jubilee Celebrations, different stakeholders are coming up with different ideas on how to make their mark standout come the 1st of July 2017 when Uganda Martyrs S.S Namugongo (UMSSN) will be celebrating fifty years of existence. Among the stakeholders are the Old students of UMSSN under there umbrella body Uganda Martyrs Old Students Association (UMOSAN). The Old students are changing the face of UMSSN by reconstructing the gate that ushered in all caliber of people and generations.

Academics Curriculum
Ordinary Level Advanced Level
  1. Mathematics
  2. English language
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics
  5. Biology
  6. Christian Religious Education
  7. Geography
  8. History
  9. Principles of Accounts
  10. Commerce
  11. Literature
  12. Luganda
  13. French
  14. Foods and Nutrition
  15. Fine Art
  16. Music
  17. Moral Training
  18. Computer Studies
  1. Mathematics
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Biology
  5. Foods and Nutrition
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. Divinity
  8. Economics
  9. Fine Art
  10. History
  11. Geography
  12. Literature
  13. French
  14. Luganda
  15. General Paper
  16. Sub Mathematics
  17. Sub ICT

The school is divided into two; i.e
Ordinary Level (O' Level) and Advanced Level (A' level)
The ordinary level is farther divided into:
Lower section and Upper section.
The lower section constitutes of Senior one (S.1) and Senior Two (S.2).When students join S.2, two subjects are added to the Academic curriculum. These are;
However Luganda and French are elective subjects where either subject is offered by a student. The Promotion Mark from Senior One to Senior Two and Senior Two to Senior Three (S.3) is an Average of Sixty (60%). The Lower section is headed by the Director of Studies in charge of Lower Section Madam Namuddu Catherine.
On the other hand the Upper section constitutes of Senior three (Form three) and Senior Four (Form four). The promotion Mark to Senior Four is strictly Division One (1). The Upper section is headed by the Director of Studies in charge of Upper Section Madam Nakamatte Elizabeth.

The Advanced level constitutes of Senior Five and Senior Six. Senior Five and Senior Six comprises of the Arts Class who do any three principle subjects i.e. History, Divinity, Geography, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Literature plus two subsidiary subjects that is; Sub mathematics and General paper (List of possible combinations is available on the application form) and the Science class that is farther divided into PCB class, BCM class, Physical Class and Mathematics class. The students in the science class do any three principle subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Fine Art, Foods and Nutrition and two subsidiary subjects that is; Sub ICT and General Paper (List of possible combinations is available on the application form). Advanced Level is headed by the Director of Studies in Charge of A' Level Mr. Segane Vincent.